Takhni Rehmapur Wildlife Sanctuary

Category Natural / Scenic beauty

The 382-hectare Takhni-Rehmapur Wildlife Sanctuary is distributed more or less equally between the two villages that make up its name. Declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1999, it is part of the Shivalik range of the Himalayas. Its mixed deciduous forests harbour a rich variety of fauna and flora including a number of avian species. A large number of deer inhabit this sanctuary, as do jungle cats, jackals, leopards, wild boar and black-naped hares. Mongoose, pangolins, snakes, monitor and garden lizards have also been regularly spotted.This sanctuary is almost 20kms from Hoshairpur city.(Note: Prior permission from forest department is required to visit this place.)

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How to Reach:

By Air

Nearest Airports are Adampur, Chandigarh and Amritsar.

By Train

Hoshiarpur/ Jalandhar railway station.

By Road

Hoshiarpur city bus stand.