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SUWIDHA [Single User-friendly WIndow Disposal and Help-line for Applicants], designed and developed by National Informatics Centre (NIC), Ministry of Communication & Information Technology, Government of India provides convenience to the citizen. It is built to provide the convenience to the citizen by capturing the input at a single point, defining a specified delivery date depending upon the type of service and accepting cash at the counter itself. SUWIDHA 1.x version was initially implemented at Fatehgarh Sahib District in the year 2003 as per directions of the Chief Secretary, Govt of Punjab and then rolled out in all the districts.

During its inception, SUWIDHA was mainly conceived for the DC office only, but its successful implementation has generated its demand at the offices at other levels of the district administration such as SDM office, Tehsil etc.

During the course of successful statewide rollout of SUWIDHA 1.x in Punjab, some issues cropped up for retrospection. The issues were either experienced or were based on the feedback received from the districts. Learning from experiences and user feedback, substantial changes were carried out to bring standardization and uniformity in the implementation of SUWIDHA in the state apart from having wider applicability & long-term sustainability of the project. This stems from the fact that in the districts, there is no standard pattern of branches. Also the services being offered through SUWIDHA were localized. Another aspect has been the wider acceptability of SUWIDHA across the state.

All the above factors necessitated the requirement to initiate the development and implementation of SUWIDHA Version 2.0 at this stage in order to build a statewide standard, uniform and integrated project. The new version of SUWIDHA (Version 2.0) is mainly targeted to have uniform and standard appeal both in the form of standardization of branches, services and documents required for services as well as its applicability at more than one centers at different levels in district in order to have state-wide but district-centric approach.

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