After partition in 1947, main canal system of combined Punjab went to Pakistan leaving eastern part of Punjab devoid of adequate irrigation facilities and thus vulnerable to vagaries of nature. The construction of Bhakra Nangal Project was taken up immediately after independence to set the balance right in favour of India.


"Indus-water Treaty" was signed between India and Pakistan in the year 1960. The Treaty appointment waters of rivers Satluj, Beas and Ravi to India and that of Indus, Jhelum and Chenab to Pakistan.


The "Satluj Beas Ravi Development Master Plan" was developed to optimally utilise the water of the three rivers. It envisaged construction of Bhakra Nangal Project on river Satluj, the construction of which had already been started by the Governments of erstwhile Punjab and Rajasthan, Beas Project i.e Beas Satluj Link (BSL) Project and Pong Dam on River Beas and Ranjit Sagar Dam on River Ravi.


The irrigation system of Bhakra Nangal Project was started in 1948 and completed by the year 1954. Generation of power at canal power house at Ganguwal and Kotla started in 1955 and 1956 respectively. Power generation at Left Bank and Right Bank power houses of Bhakra Dam commenced in 1960 and 1969 respectively. The original installed capacity of Bhakra Left Bank Power House and Right Bank Power House was 450 MW (5*90 MW) and 600 MW(5*120MW) respectively. After Renovation, Modernisation and Uprating of machines, the increased installed capacity has become 540(5*108 MW) and 785(5*157MW) respectively. Bahkra Dam and associated projects were dedicated to the Nation on 22nd October, 1963 by the first Prime Minister of India, Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru.


The work on the Beas Project was started to harness Beas water, comprising two units namely Beas Unit-1 which is the Beas Satluj Link Project and Beas Unit-II i.e. Beas Dam Project. The Beas Satluj Link Project was completed in 1977 which diverts 3.82 million acre feet (4716 million m) of Beas Water to River Satluj through 37.26 Km long water conductor system consisting of two tunnels of 13.11 Km and 12.35 Km length and one open channel of 11.80 Km in between balancing reservoir. The diverted water generates 990MW of power of Dhere Power House in Himachal Pradesh. Beas Unit-II i.e. Beas Dam Project was completed in 1976. It has big storage dam which is main source of water to the desert lands of Rajasthan and 396 MW of power is also generated at this project.



Formation of BBMB

Bhakra Nangal Project was taken up as a joint venture of the states of erstwhile Punjab and Rajasthan. On re-organisation is erstwhile Punjab State in 1966, "Bhakra Management Board" was constituted on 1st October, under section 79 of Punjab Re-organisation Act, 1966 for administration, maintenance and operation of Bhakra Nangal Project. Beas Construction Board was constituted under the Punjab Re-organisation Act, 1966 for construction of Beas Project. "Bhakra Management Board" was renamed as "Bhakra Beas Management Board" (BBMB) w.e.f 15th May 1976 after transfer of Beas Project on its completion by Beas Construction Board.


Main Functions of BBMB


1.                  The regulation of the supply of water for irrigation from Bhakra Nangal and Beas Projects to the States of Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan and also drinking water supply to Delhi and Chandigarh.

2.                  The regulation of supply of power generated at BBMB Power Houses to Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, HP, Chandigarh and some common Pool Consumers like old HP, National Fertilizers limited, Nangal etc.

3.                  In the year 1999 BBMB has been entrusted with additional function of providing and performing engineering and related technical and consultancy services to states and other utilities.


Performance of BBMB Project

BBMB supplies 28 million acre feet of water per annum for irrigation and drinking purposes to its partner States i.e. Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan, which irrigates 1.25 crore acre of agricultural land.

BBMB operates six power houses consisting of 28 generating units with total installed capacity of 2865 MW, Through, the generating units are quite old and have been in operation for the last about more than 40 years, due to the best maintenance practices being adopted the availability of machines have been excellent and generally well above 90%. The annual power generated through BBMB units has been in the range of 10,000 million units to 14,000 million units. BBMB power houses have been a source of very cheap energy to the partner states. During last five years, energy is being supplied at about 20 p/unit, the lowest energy rate in the world, to the partner States. BBMB Hydro Stations are the main source of providing much needed support for quick restoration of the Northern Grid in case of any contingency arising out of the grid disturbances. The Nangal Hydel Channel downstream od Bhakra Dam, which is the source for power generation through Ganguwal and Kotla Power Houses is continuously in operation since its year of commissioning in 1954. Inspection, repair and maintenance of Nangal Hydel Channel is carried put on-line without any closure by adopting the best Operation and Maintenance practices.


The major river linking venture in the country namely Beas-Satluj Link Project was constructed and commissioned by Beas Construction Board is now a part of BBMB. This project is the best example of most optimum utilisation of water resources wherein diverted water of Beas River is utilised for power generation twice, first in Dehar Power House before joining Satluj River and subsequently in Bhakra- Nangal Project.

BBMB possessses highly specialized and motivated workforce of manpower which is regularly exposed to the various training modules for improving their competence and efficiency. BBMB has established its Hydro Training Centre at Nangal which is fully utilised for organising in house training, workshops and interactive sessions. Training Centre is also providing support to other State/Central Utilities for upgrading the skills of Hydro Power and technicians.


Contribution to Evironment and Social Upliftment


Environment management in the vicinity of the projects is one of the primary objectives of BBMB policies. Massive tree plantation programmes have been periodically undertaken and today all our project sites are full of greenery which also provides natural conditions for preservation and growth of flora and fauna in the area. The vast lakes formed by Bhakra and Pong Reservoirs have become the natural habitat for migratory birds which attracts lot of tourist in the area. Maharana Partap Sagar Lake (Pong Dam Reservior) has been designated as "RAMSAR Wetland" of International importance in 2002. More than one lac migratory words of about 220 species visit this lake every year. Jatropha tree plantation on about 300 hectares of vacant land has been undertaken at Talwara to harness the bio-diesel energy which will also provide an example to other utilities in the area to adopt and promote similar initiatives towards environment preservations and reduction of global warming. Management and regulations of Ravi, Beas and Satluj rivers have enormously contributed toward achieving flood control and land reclamation in this area.

Floods have been the largest natural calamity for humanity in India. Bhakra and Pong Dam have totally eliminated the occurrence of floods in the plains of Satluj and Beas rivers. Through controlled releases in the rivers, vast tracks of land along the sides of the rivers have been reclaimed by the farmers mainly for agriculture. Priors to existence of BBMB Projects, most of the Southern Punjab, Haryana and adjoining Rajasthan area were facing frequent famines. BBMB projects have completely saved this region from famine conditions.


Under the social welfare activities undertaken by BBMB around the projects, the facilities have been provided include bore wells for drinking water to the villagers, constructions of school buildings providing sports equipment and playgrounds to the schools and frequent medical camp for health checkup including disbursement of medicines to the poor people. Local population is allowed admission of their children in BBMB schools similarly they are allowed medical treatment in BBMB Hospitals at the Projects.


Renovation, Modernisation and Uprating(R,M&U)


  1. BBMB has all along been promoting cost effective solutions for replacing or augmenting the old equipment by using latest state of the art technology.
  2. All the five machines of Bhakra Left Bank Power House were uprated from 90MW to 108 MW each during the period 1981-1985. R,M&U of these machines to further enhance the capacity from 108 MW to 126 MW is in progress.
  3. All the five machines of Bhakra Right Power House were uprated from 120 MW to 132 MW and subsequently from 132 MW to 157 MW during R,M&U works carried from 1991-2001.
  4. RM&U work of three machines each of Ganguwal and Kotla HEPs were completed in the year 2008.
  5. All the six machines of Pong Power House have been successfully uprated from 60 to 66 MWs during the year 1998 to 2004.
  6. An ambition R,M&U (Renovation, Modernisation and Uprating) programme for existing hydro generating units has been launched under which 310 MW of green energy generation capacity has already been added at low incremental cost besides giving fresh lease of life to the old machines. Further capacity addition of 90 MW is under progress,


Nangal Workshop


One of the largest workshops in the Northerns India, with a record number of massive steel structure designed, manufactured, fabricated, galvanized, supplied, erected, tested and commissioned, Nangal Workshop was set up in the year 1947, primarily for fabrication gates, penstock liners, transmission line towers & substation structures, in addition to ferrous and non- ferrous castings. It is a prestigious Workshop with the capacity to fabricate and supply steel structures for Hydroelectric-Projects and to undertake such complex jobs on national level.


Achievments of Nangal Workshop


1.                  Fabrication & supply of Automatic Radial Gates, Parts of Penstock Liners, Permanent Embedded Parts & other steel structures for Beas Dam & Beas Satluj Link Projects.

2.                  Fabrication & supply of Emergency Gates, Draft Tube Gates, Pressure Relief Valve Gates, Trash racks, Hoists, Regulating Platforms, etc for Devighat Hydroelectric Project, Nepal (in collaboration with HSMITC).

3.                  Fabrication, supply & erection of Emergency Gates, Trash Racks, Hoists Regulating Platforms, etc. for Baira Siui Hydroelectric Project (H.P).

4.                  Farbrication, supply & erection of Emergency Gates, Relief Valve Gates, Drafttube Gates, Stop logs, Hoists, Platforms, etc. for Loktak H.E. Project, Manipur.

5.                  Farbrication, supply & erection of Crest Gates, Under-sluice Gate, Head Regulator Gates. Hoist, Paltforms, etc.for Giri Bata Project(HP).

6.                  Fabrication of Floating Bulkhead Gates for Ramganga Project(UP).

7.                  Fabrication, supply & erection of the Open Hand Monument of Union Territory Chandigarh- A massive & intricate structure.

8.                  Fabrication of Steel Antenna Mast of T.V. Station, Jalandhar.

9.                  Fabrication & Supply steel tanks of different sizes for N.F.L. Naya Nangal.

10.              Fabrication of penstock liners & their trifurcation structures for killar Hydel Project, HPSEB,pangi(HP)

11.              Repair/ modification of Guide Vanes of machines at different Power Houses. Repair of Gates of Harike Head Works at Ferozpur Canal, Irrigation Deptt., Punjab.

12.              Repair Radial Gates of Sukhna Lake, Chandigarh.

13.              Fabrication of Trash Rack of BSL Project, Sundernagar.

14.              Fabrication of Transmission line steel towers of BBMB Sub Station at Panipat, Ballabgarh, Dhulkot, Jamalpur, Bhakra Etc.


Consultancy Services


BBMB have capabilities from concept to commissioning of the projects and expertise in R, M &U, operation & maintenance of Power Plants, Substations, Transmission System and their associated civil and hydro mechanical structures such as Dams, Hydel Channels, Tunnels, Gates, etc.


BBMB has been providing consultancy services to various utilities in the region, Major clients of BBMB for consultancy & training services include NTPC, NHPC, THDC, UJVNL, SJVNL, PGIMER, UT, Chandigarh & partner states of Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan & Himachal Pardesh.


Hydrology Project Phase-II


Ministry of Water Resources (MovWR), Government of India (Gol) has initiated Hydrology Project Phase II (HP-II) with the help of the world Bank, Agreement for the Hp-II between International Bank of Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) and Government of India was signed on 19.1.2006. The Project is being implemented in thirteen states and eight central Agencies including Bhakra Beas Management Board (BBMB) The Project is to be closed by by 31.5.14


The objectives of the project are to extent and promote the sustained and effective use of Hydrological Information System (HIS) by all potential users concerned with water resources planning and management both in public and private sectors, thereby contributing to improved productivity and cost effectiveness of water related investments.


Under the project, BBMB has been chosen for developing Real Time Decision Support System (RT-DSS) strengthened with sophisticated Data Acquisition system for operational management of reservoirs of BBMB with revised base coast of Rs. 377.8 million.

The objective for the development of RT-DSS is to support operational decisions well in advance for long term planning and also at shorter time intervals RT-DSS will provide top management with a well structured, user friendly, practical and complete water resources management information system that will assist the decision makers in taking the right decisions on the basis of good comparison of different strategies under various scenarios. Real time DSS will be quite useful for issuing advance flood warning for deployment of area evacuation measures by Administrative Authorities to eliminate minimize the loss of lives and properties.

Technical consultancy was procured and the contract Agreement was signed between BBMB &DHI water Environment Health Denmark on14/11/2008 for development of real time DSS. The contract for supply & installation of Hydrological and Hydrometerological Data Acquistition System (DAS) Equipment at 85 No remote sites has been awarded through international competitive Bidding (ICB)mode. The contract for Hardware i.e. computers servers, etc has been awarded through national competitive Bidding(NCB) mode. The work of installation of Data Acquisition System and Hardware is under process.

The project being of scientific and innovative nature, is being implemented through human resource development strategy and capacity building programmes for complete development of real time DSS for operational management of reservoirs of BBMB will certainly provide comprehensive, responsive and sustainable solutions in water sector and would be an important stepping stone for BBMB and the Nation as well.

Achievements of BBMB

1. Providing much needed peaking power to the Northern Grid thus enabling thermal stations to work on base load.

2. Providing support for Black start operation in the Grid through Bhakra.

3. Helping in frequency regulation of the grid by flexing generation between 1900 MW and 2800 MW in summers and between 500 MW and 1900 MW during winter.

4. Inspite of aging equipment maintaining high plant availability of the order of 90% &transmission line availability well above 99%.

5. Ushered Green & White Revolution in Northern India by ensuring adequate availability of water& electricity and thus acted as force multiplier by enhancing industrialisation & employment.

6. Effective mitigation of floods in the region.



1. Coporate Greentech Environment Gold Awards 2012 and CSR Silver Award-2012 .

2. 5th India National Power Award-2012 given to Bhakra Dam for its achievement on 'Maintenance & Management Practices of very large Dams'.

3. Corporate Greentech CSR (corporate Social Responsibility) Gold Award-2011 has been given to BBMB for outstanding & innovative CSR programme by Greentech Foundation New Delhi.

4. India Power Award 2011 in Overall Utility Performance Generation (Hydro).

5. National Bronze Shield for Pong Power House in Plant Availability for the year 2011-12 . The Award was received by Sh. A,B Agrawal chairman BBMB from Sh. Sulshilkumar Shinde, the then Hon'ble Minister of Power,Government of India at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi on 22-03-2012

6. BBMB received National Award 'Power Generation Awards Hydro Power Sector' of 4th Enertia Awards 2010-India Awards for sustainable Energy and power in recognition of BBMB consistent and excellent operational performance of India's largest multipurpose Hydro Power projects. The award was received by Sh. A.B Agrawal Chairman BBMB on 6.10.2010 in a glittering HR Excellence Awards-2010.

7. Greentech HR Excellence 'Gold Award has been given to Bhakra Beas Management Board of outstanding achievement in Training Excellence by Greentech Foundation New Delhi under 'Greentech HR Excellence Award-2010..

8. Greentech HR Excellence 'Gold Award' has been given to Bhakra Beas Management Board for outstanding achievment for 'Best Strategy by Greentech Foundation, New Delhi under Greentech HR Excellence Awards -2010




Name & Designation Add. (Off)(S/Shri)

Telephone Office


Residence Address

A.B. Agrawal Bhakra Beas Management Board Sec 19-B Madhya Marg Chandigarh




1497-Sec 35 B Chandigarh


Ashok Thapar,Member(power)

Whole time member

Bhakra Beas Management Board Sec 19-B Madhya Marg Chandigarh




1400 sec 35B Chandigarh

S.L Aggarwal


Whole time member

Bhakra Beas Management Board Sec 19-B Madhya Marg Chandigarh



1399 Sec 35 B chandigarh

G.Sai Prashad; IAS, Representative Govt. of India

Joint Sect.New Delhi



Flat no B 2 New moti bhag New Delhi

G.Arangnathan,Representtative of Govt. of India,New Delhi



Pragati Vihar New Delhi

K.B.S Sidhu IAS, Representative Govt. of India,Principal Sec.Govt of Punjab, irrigation dept chandigarh



60-sec 19 A chandigarh

O.P Saini, IAS, Representative Gcvt of Rajasthan, Water resourses dept. Jaipuer



Hno 20-b Hira Bhag Jaipur

Deepak Sanan IAS ,Representative Govt of HP, Add Chief sect.Govt of HP, power dept shimla



Set no 10 kusumpati Shimla