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District Sukhmani Society for Citizen Services.


The primary objective of the Sukhmani Society for Citizen Services centres in the District, is to provide integrated citizen services pertaining to all departments under one roof to the public, in an efficient, transparent, convenient and friendly manner, using IT in all or any aspects of citizen services to maximize speed, accountability, objectivity, affordability, and accessibility from the perspective of the citizens. The Sukhmani Society is a district level body that works under the overall umbrella framework of Punjab State E-Governance Society (PSEGS). All the service centres in the district would be established, managed and run by the Sukhmani Society of that district on a self-sustaining revenue model. Sukhmani Centres are the one stop shop for all Government services in an integrated manner.

It is considered expedient to provide the Society a legal entity by getting it registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860.

(a) Name: The name of the Society shall be Sukhmani Society for Citizen Services, name of the district comncerned(SSCS-District name), Society for short.

(b) Office: The Registered office of the Society shall be at office of the Deputy Commissioner, (district concerned).

Definitions: In this Memorandum and the Rules made there under unless the context otherwise requires:-

a. "The 'Act' means the Societies Registration Act 1860, (Punjab Amendment Act, 1957) as applied to the State of Punjab or any statutory modification thereof for the time being in force."

b. "Board of Governors" shall mean the body which is constituted as the "Board of Governors of the Society" by the Government.

c. The "Chairman shall mean the "Chairman" of the Board of Governors.

d. IT shall mean: Information Technology.

e. Member means: i. The ex-officio members as per the constitution of the society or; ii. Such Person(s) who may be accepted in future as Members of the Society on such terms and conditions as laid down by the Board of Governors. iii. Such person(s), institutions, organisations, societies, corporate bodies who may be accepted in future as the co-opted Members of the Board of Governors on such terms and conditions as laid down by the Board of Governors. f. "Member Secretary" means Member Secretary of the Board of Governors of the Sukhmani Society for Citizen Services. Additional Deputy Commissioner (General) or Additional Deputy Commissioner (Development) as per the recommendations of Deputy Commissioner shall be the Member Secretary. g. "Chief Executive Officer" means Chief Executive Officer of the Sukhmani Society for Citizen Services. h. "The Society" means the Sukhmani Society for Citizen Services, district name, e.g; known by the name, style and manner of SSCS-Gurdaspur. i. "State Government" shall mean the Government of Punjab in the Department of Information Technology or in any other way it is known as. j. "IT experts" shall mean a specialist from the field of Information Technology, computers, communication or electronics with a formal graduate degree in computers/information Technology/ communication/electronics/management or other related fields with 8 to 10 years of experience and can contribute his expertise & experience to achieve the objectives of the Society. k. "Eminent citizens" shall mean well-known, distinguished, important, renowned or reputed persons from the general public duly recommended by the district/state administration. Objectives and functions of the Society:

a. To establish, manage, operate, maintain and control the service centres, namely, the Sukhmani centres throughout the District for providing citizen services in an integrated manner to the public in an efficient, transparent, convenient, friendly and cost-effective manner through the use of IT or otherwise in all or any aspects of citizen services to maximize speed, accountability, objectivity, affordability, and accessibility from the perspective of the citizens.

b. To identify and recommend the Citizen Services which can be provided in consultation and co-ordination with the concerned departments on priority by various departments/organizations.

c. To workout and implement the action plan for the establishment of citizen's service centres in the district on a self sustaining revenue model in collaboration with the private sector, NGOs or other innovative methods as per the requirements of the specific areas.

d. To ensure and maintain the Standard of Service as per the Service Level Agreements between departments, Punjab State E-Governance Society, Sukhmani Service Centres, franchisees, Financial Institutions and the government.

e. To workout and recommend the service fee or user charges that could be charged from the end customers for the approval of the competent authority and concerned departments/organizations over and above the prescribed bill amount/fee/statutory fee for providing the services through Sukhmani Centres/Financial Institutions or Franchisees.

f. To collect the revenue/payments/service charges on behalf of Punjab State E-Governance Society, various government departments and organizations and to issue receipt on behalf of the Punjab E-Governance Society and concerned Departments and Organizations.

g. To chalk out detailed procedures for the collection of revenue for various services provided by the Sukhmani centres and to transfer the revenue in to the accounts of the organizations as per the policy guidelines of Punjab State E-Governance Society. To keep detailed account of the revenue collected and the transactions.

h. Regular reconciliation of bank accounts between all stakeholders including the concerned departments, the financial institutions, the Sukhmani Centre and the Punjab E-Governance Society.

i. To buy, sell, let on hire, lease, trade, import, export, repair or otherwise deal with IT resources, services & support on turkey basis like hardware, software, connectivity, networking, training, stationery, consumables etc. including operational & managerial manpower, hiring of professionals, consultancy services by following the procedure prescribed. To ensure the other infrastructure requirements including site preparation and timely availability of the necessary resources for the various activities under the report.

j. To liaison with the associated IT companies for the analysis, design, development, testing and the implementation of the application software, networking, connectivity and other solutions necessary for providing Citizen Services though the use of information technology.

k. To enter into collaborations, partnerships, agreements and contracts with Indian or foreign individuals, companies or organizations for establishment of Sukhmani Centres in the district.

l. To enter into any agreement with any Government or other authorities, or any corporations/companies, or persons which may seem conducive to the Society's objects or any of them and to obtain from any such Government authorities, corporations, companies, societies or persons any contracts, rights, privileges and concessions which the society may think desirable and to carry out, exercise and comply with any such contracts rights, privileges and concessions.

m. To create, maintain, update, common databases at the district level as per the guidelines of the Department of Information Technology in collaboration with the concerned Departments, and to monitor, administer and control the flow of data and information, between the Sukhmani Centres and the concerned agencies.

n. To recruit and deploy the operational and managerial staff and other human resources, purely on a self-sustaining and contract basis, for operation, maintenance and running of the Citizen Service Centres as per the requirement/norms fixed by the Society from time to time.

o. To take all publicity measures and campaigning through Media like TV, radio, newspaper, conference, seminars, public meetings, banners and posters etc. for creating awareness about the services of the Sukhmani Centres for the benefit of the common man, specially, the rural masses.

p. To interact with the various agencies associated with the services to be rendered through the Sukhmani Centres and to facilitate inter-departmental coordination in all IT related matters.

q. To recommend the necessary administrative reforms or processes re-engineering required to accomplish the objectives of good governance through IT or otherwise. To test and recommend modifications to be made in the system or the processes involved.

r. To take necessary steps to ensure the security, safety, backup, disaster recovery and protection of the Government electronic data, both on-line and off-line, as well as physical records of various departments, agencies and organizations.

s. To set procedures for taking routine backups regularly, generating various Management Information System reports of revenue payments, and operation and maintenance related information of Sukhmani Centres with all the stake holders like, Financial Institutions concerned, concerned departments, agencies and the Punjab State E-Governance Society.

t. To establish and implement a system of regular detailed, review and monitoring mechanism for constantly evaluating the progress, performance, consistency and quality of the citizen services given by various franchises and other centres with respect to the agreed quality in the service level agreements.

u. To facilitate and assist in implementation of Citizen Charters framed by the other departments through the use of E-Governance and IT as a tool. Also assist the concerned departments in measuring the performance of Citizen Charters with respect to the agreed quality.

v. To take all steps necessary to promote efficiency, reduce delays, enhance accountability, transparency and objectivity in the functioning of the concerned government departments participating in the SUKHMANI centres, directly or indirectly.

w. To make all other expenditures connection with providing Citizen services through the Citizen services centre including salaries, connectivity costs, cost of power, cost of maintenance and consumables, cost of upgradation of equipment, other facilities to citizens etc.

x. To lend or deposit money belonging to or entrusted to or at the disposal of the Society or franchisees and other having dealings with the society with or without security, upon such terms as may be thought proper and to guarantee the performance of contracts by such persons or company provided that the Society shall not carry on banking business as defined in Banking Companies Regulation Act, 1949. To borrow and raise money with or without security or to receive money and deposit on interest or otherwise in such manner as the Society may deem fit.

y. To draw, issue, accept and to endorse discount and negotiate promissory notes, bills of exchange, delivery orders, warrants, warehouse, keeping, certificates and other negotiable or commercial or mercantile instruments connected with the business of the Society.

z. To establish and maintain any agencies and franchises in the district for the conduct of the business of the Society.

aa. To improve, manage, work, develop, alter, exchange, lease, mortgage, turn to account, abandon or otherwise deal with all or any part to the property rights and concessions of the Society. To let out on hire all or any of the properties of the Society including every description of apparatus appliances of the Society. bb. To create any depreciation fund, reserve fund, sinking fund, insurance fund or any special or other fund whether for depreciation or for repairing, improving, extending or maintaining any of the properties of the Society and to transfer any such fund or part thereof to any of the other funds herein mentioned. cc. To do all such other lawful things as may be necessary, incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects.




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